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‘Unfortunately Yours’ Ep. 5: Grief, Fear, and Captain Sham

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 20 Apr 2017 21:43 PM / Comments Off on ‘Unfortunately Yours’ Ep. 5: Grief, Fear, and Captain Sham / 13 views
'Unfortunately Yours' Ep. 5: Grief, Fear, and Captain Sham

Dear Reader,

It is with the utmost respect for your ongoing pain and suffering that we inform you we’ve returned with the fifth episode of Unfortunately Yours, our podcast recap of A Series of Unfortunate Events. On this episode we’ll be analyzing the “fierce and formidable” Aunt Josephine, and her decline into fear in the face of loss and grief.

It isn’t all so dreary, though! The twins get off one of the better adult-oriented jokes on the show, Mr. Snicket wears some snazzy outfits, and Count Olaf’s new costume is Shamtastic!

If this is your first time listening to Unfortunately Yours, you’ll join hosts and fans JJ Duncan and Cecily Trowbridge as we talk through A Series of Unfortunate Events one episode at a time — pondering the depths and meanings of the show, and filling you in on tidbits you might not have known about.

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